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How To Manage Your Time & Get EVERYTHING Done à la Google Calendar

Wow wow wow. Honestly I think I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for actual YEARS. People around me have heard me absolutely raving about this 1 thing for ages : GOOGLE CALENDAR. A total game-changer. The biggest life hack I will ever use. My ride-or-die BFF. It’s everything & MORE.

Just ask Tiffany – I gave her a nearly 2 hour seminar on the ins & outs of Google Calendar.

I am SO obsessed, so SPECIFIC about the way that I use my Google Calendar that I can likely write a book on it.

But first things first – this blog post! ( Which, by the way, ISN’T sponsored … though I wish that were a thing, ha! )

Let’s start with a quickie story : It was my sophomore year in college – I had just come back from studying abroad in Paris, France … and I recognized one thing. The achiever side of me WAS NOT satisfied – she wanted those ever-elusive straight A’s and she wanted to *finally* crack the code to getting them.

The thing is, I learned that there is no code for a 4.0! There is just one hugely important thing : TIME MANAGEMENT.

& nothing, NOTHING helps more with time management than Google Calendar.

This isn’t just about school or about grades, it’s about EVERY single thing you want to achieve in life – it all takes time, & with time comes time management. If you study any successful person out there, you would probably recognize that they have mastered the ART of time management – no Time Stone needed (for any Marvel fans out there).

I use Google Calendar on all of my devices – laptop, phone, iPad, you name it – but I have found that the web version is the absolute king.

And the reason is this …

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