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COMMITMENT ISSUES? Get a Gym Membership!

Do you have commitment issues when it comes to your fitness? Learn about a simple solution & the ULTIMATE problem-solver : a gym membership. Click through to read the full post at Extra Balanced & start taking action for your own balanced lifestyle!


Honest to God, we all have them, right???

& it’s fine. Commitment is hard, & it’s something that everyone struggles with at least one time in life, in one form or another – just being real.

The weirdo thing is, I NEVER had commitment issues when it came to working out.

I wasn’t lazy, unmotivated, whatever AT ALL.

What gives?

Like you would 100% have a higher chance of witnessing me snacking on some XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & not fully committing to wellness. But ditching me-time with the treadmill & some weights?


Maybe it’s my sheer passion for fitness. Maybe it’s my SNAZZY gym membership.

I feel like it’s the latter – here’s why …

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