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Go Organic ASAP … it’s Worth it

Learn why going organic is SO worth it in the long run. Here's a complete explanation of organic vs. conventional foods - easy, simple. Click through now to Extra Balanced to get the full breakdown!

Before I grasped exactly WTF made organic foods so special, I was so, so confused. Seriouslyyy.

I didn’t grow up eating all organic, so I had absolutely no clue.

As soon as I was out in the world, shopping for my own ingredients, I was very much lost :

Why should I pay double the money for foods that literally look the same as the normal, cheaper stuff?

I once totally thought it was a marketing ploy – I mean, we’re never exactly sure what’s ACTUALLY done with our food during the long, LONG process involved before it’s set on the table, lookin’ nice & pretty.

& if you’ve had these same thoughts before, let me walk you through it – I’ll keep things simple!

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In Balanced Diet, Featured

The Ugly Truth Behind Processed Foods

Always be aware of what you’re putting into your mouth, even if it’s delicious. Click through to the full post at Extra Balanced to learn the ugly truth behind processed foods & find out how to differentiate between highly processed foods & healthier, minimally processed foods.Today I’m throwing it back to a time when I would eat junk food like it wasn’t a huge problem. YIKES! – we’ve all been there, right?

WEIRD because I basically I grew up in a house that almost never had candy, chips, or soda at an arm’s reach.

I think what really makes junky processed foods SO alluring is that they’re easy to eat & packed full of flavor – WAY too much flavor than necessary.

Crazy thing though : While inhaling an entire bag of chips or cookies, I never ever wondered “Oh gosh, I wonder what makes these so damn good?” … Until one day I randomly decided to read past the nutrition facts & glimpse the ingredients label.

MAN, what a totally eye-opening, life-changing moment that was!

Like, curiosity killed the cat?

… NOPE, just my appetite.

Not even being extra ( okay maybe a lil’ – who am I KIDDING ), but just WTF was sodium stearoyl lactylate? High fructose corn syrup? Sorbic acid? Artificial flavors?

These are all ingredients commonly found in highly processed foods – kind of as if we’re eating out of a chem lab instead of a kitchen.

Sketchy, sketchy.

I decided I wasn’t a fan & I wanted to cut down on the unnecessary chemicals going into my body – food should just be food, y’know? & thinking back, these processed foods tasted good for about 2 mins before I ended up feeling sluggish & gross – just not the best version of myself AT ALL.

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