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Designing the PERFECT Plate for Optimal Nutrition

// LAST UPDATED ON February 4, 2020 //

Have you ever been in a situation in which you’re absolutely starving, and, when you’re finally given the opportunity to eat, you over-do it?

This kind of thing happens more often than not, especially here in the U.S.

Whether you’re eating at home, at a buffet, or ordering à la carte, it’s incredibly important to know how much of each food type you want to be putting into your body.

While you all already know how I feel about the Food Guide Pyramid from years ago, I’m happy to report that the USDA has thankfully taken strides in nutrition education compared to before.

HOWEVER… I do think Canada does a better job with this. Here’s why…

Both plates have a similar theme, but Canada goes the extra mile by providing actual details of what kind of foods should be expected. Since images seem to speak louder than words these days, it’s just not likely that someone in the U.S. would care enough to go through all the written information that could be found in the sub-links on the site. However, glancing at a picture makes things fast & easy – just like how most people like it.

Another KEY thing is that Canada recommends water as the beverage, while the U.S. recommends milk.

I dislike this so much because there have been so many studies that show that milk isn’t the best thing for us. In a world where 8/10 adults are lactose intolerant & where people are trying to be more sustainable, milk just isn’t IT. In fact, research studies even go so far as to say that there is no link between higher milk consumption and osteoporosis.

And, you guys already know how much I LOVE water.

Another thing I like is that Canada’s plate features low-carb, high fiber fruits – the best of them all. While fruits are better than candy, they’re still high in sugar. Strawberries, avocados, tomatoes, blackberries, & raspberries are some of the best fruits out there! I also believe that vegetables should play a bigger part than fruits should simply because eating our greens is crazy important for good health.

How I Style My Plate

When I eat at my buffet-style dining hall in college, I fill my plate half-way with vegetables (cold salads & roasted varieties), a quarter with a protein (usually chicken breast), & a quarter I free-style with something high in protein, fiber, or healthy fats (e.g. hummus, tofu, chia seeds, nuts, fruit). This was the perfect combination that kept me healthy, happy, & satiated – especially paired with a workout.


Now, I’m off to make myself some lunch… I’m thinking eggs, avocado, & chia seeds on some fiber crackers.

CHIME IN: What do y’all think about these government food guides? I’m dying to know!


Yours truly,



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