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The BEST Hummus ( even better than store-bought )

Seriously, the BEST hummus recipe ( even better than store-bought! ). A versatile, savory snack with a skinny recipe that's ridiculously easy to make. Click through to Extra Balanced to start making your own bomb-ass hummus today!

YES, hummus.

Okay, I know most people have a sweet tooth. Me? I have a salt tooth – savory is totally my thing.

I explain myself like this :

“Eat less sugar … You’re sweet enough already!”

So in order to live a more balanced lifestyle, instead of reaching for chips ( namely : XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ), I reach for a delish lil’ tub of hummus – that I made MYSELF!

Whenever I’m at the store, I always find myself wanting to get some … so I decided to just make my own – & I swear it’s BETTER.

Let’s go make some, shall we?

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