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A Lil’ Update for Y’all from PARIS!

// LAST UPDATED ON May 31, 2018 //

a lil’ update for y’all from PARIS! @

Hi loves – long time no chat!

It’s been SUPER busy-busy these days … BUT I want to keep you guys updated, regardless.

I really try to make it a priority to post at least 2-3 times weekly ( ALL posts up @ 7 AM PST ), but I really couldn’t do it.

& I would really rather spend quality time making quality content, instead of rushing & slapping some random BS post on the blog. It’s just not my thing to do the bare minimum, you know?

Right now, I’m actually writing this from a little wooden desk in my room in Paris, France! I could literally be in Antartica or something & yep, you’d still find me blogging away … 🙂 ( you can keep up with my behind-the-scenes adventures on Snapchat! )


It’s such a dream. I’m constantly pinching myself to remind myself it’s real.

So far, it’s been really incredible. I got here less than a week ago to study abroad this fall, & I’m already dreading the day I leave – HA!

So, this post is pretty different … I’ve been so focused on trying to provide value to y’all with my posts & explain / teach what I’ve been doing to keep up a balanced wellness lifestyle. To the point where I forgot that it’s okay sometimes to just chill & sip some champagne & chat a bit / keep you updated!

… Cheers! ♡

Anyway, I do want to give you babes something to look forward to :

  • I’ll be taking about a million pics & I’ll always try to include them throughout posts … Lots of European inspo, coming up!
  • I’m working on a special lil’ project for y’all – VERY much excited.
  • I’m thinking of doing a series of my adventures abroad. Like, a daily journal / itinerary. I’d post it once a week, to keep things interesting. Are you guys interested??? Let me know!

Okay, good talk.

It has really been soooo long, you know? So overdue.

Now, I’m going to organize my Pinterest boards, finally. They’re such a work in progress that it’s low-key a nightmare. Feel free to check them out though!


Yours truly,


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